28-Day Reboot Challenge
Module 3: Movement

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Count Your Steps: Everyone should be counting their steps and tracking how much they move in a day. I definitely recommend ultimately aiming for adding more steps into your day. You can easily do this by using your smart watches and phones, and it creates a big difference just being aware of how many steps you get. This way you can always challenge yourself to doing more the next day or week or month.
Some Form of Resistance Training: This is the most effective and a very efficient option to transforming your life and becoming a healthier version of yourself. I recommend 3 days of resistance training a week. Resistance training can look like a lot of different things. There are a multitude of different activities and come in all shapes and sizes. You can start with exercises using just your body weight. For example, you could commit to doing 20 air squats a day. This requires no equipment and very little time and room. This is already a great start. If you are more advanced, add in some weights, add in some dumbbells or small weights. Even more advanced options would include things like weightlifting with barbells at a local or home gym.
Stay Consistent: Schedule out time for your fitness and movement activities. Put them on your calendars and set reminders for yourself.

Action Items

Put your fitness activities here into your “calendar.”
Set reminder alerts for them.
Sync your calendar with your Google calendar or another calendar that you use daily.

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