28-Day Reboot Challenge
Module 1: The Sedentary Lifestyle

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Metabolic Health


Alarming Metabolic Health: Shockingly, around 88% of Americans are considered metabolically unhealthy. This means that the majority of the population is facing underlying health issues related to their metabolic function, which can be worsened by sedentary behaviors and unhealthy habits.
Aggravating Factors: Sedentary lifestyles have been exacerbated by the prevalence of activities like Zoom meetings, excessive Netflix viewing, overeating, and reliance on processed foods. These factors contribute to a decline in overall physical and mental well-being.
Source of Disease and Health Concerns: Sedentary behavior is a major contributing factor to various diseases and health concerns. It not only impacts physical health but also poses risks to mental health. There is growing evidence that links metabolic health with mental illnesses.
Accessibility Challenges: Unhealthy choices, such as fast food, are making us all sick. They have only become more accessible, affordable, and convenient. UberEats, Door Dash, and all other convenient food delivery services are only making it exponentially easier to get unhealthy and over-processed food, which is quickly worsening people’s overall health. On the other hand, making healthier choices and eating well can be more challenging and requires conscious effort, but that is one of the main components that will create the longer and less-sick life you imagine.
Epidemic of Unhealthy Living: Sedentary lifestyles, combined with poor dietary choices and other unhealthy habits, have led to an epidemic of chronic conditions. Our society is in a perpetual state of unhealthy living, with these conditions becoming increasingly prevalent.
The Path of Least Resistance: Unfortunately, the easiest and cheapest options often lead to a subpar lifestyle. Engaging in unhealthy behaviors becomes the default choice for many individuals, perpetuating the cycle of sedentary living.
Impact of Food Choices: Even seemingly harmless options like sugary breakfast foods or snacks at airports can often be unhealthy. It's crucial to be mindful of our food choices and prioritize nourishing options to combat the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

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